As soon as this poem is read

As soon as this poem is read, know father is still at practising hand stage.

Write on the same paper, there are another one and five speech juejus entitled ' I say '.

I have no me originally first,
Have me and also have no me.
I have been already extraordinary, I,
I am not me in fact today.

This poem is a little interesting, but instead of it is a poem, it is like a section of philosophy phrases to it would be better to speak even more
. Unless in a word, want father very much poem finish,the thought from (19) When it is seriously ill to keep sustaining until in 57.

"Mr. Zhang's poesy, why do fast and well? " Father consults him respectfully.

Uncle Zhang answers colt: "I want to learn something, must learn and master! Though the poesy was created
Method and skill are numerous, but there are only two in it. First, well versed in the anecdotes, second, master the rules and forms. And take
Accomplish these two, the only method is the hypermnesia. " Then, add again: "I am really devoted to poems
The word, after 30 years old. But memory all right since the childhood, towards read aloud, read sunset, look over, forget. There is one
Time go pieces of friend house, browse the host's collected books at will. Having passed for a period of time, go to chat as a guest, unexpectedly return
Can recite the verse appearing in host's collected books, and that host can not remember everything. "

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