Do not ask issuing

Uncle Zhang's colt's what say, make me make a decision sincerely: This lifetime will never study the poem. Because of my memory
Difference is surprising. Remembered being admitted to Normal University woman attached middle school of Beijing, grade one read in six months until junior middle school, mistake in the school
The thing is found in the place, find one's own thing big and small 34 not careful and lost. Thing that has just happened,
I successively spoke to three people, it is the same that then must have told three large places, different story of small place.
Three people's confrontation at the same time, I am extremely hurt and wronged, try to explain away sincerely - -Do not garble a story by adding details, it is not the memory

Do not ask issuing, revitalize due to it, is used to making rightly in poesy that uncle Zhang creates colt. Will come down in some time
,He pay the bill, mimeographed and bound into book form these new works. These gray blue front cover, thin thin soft brochure
,A pile of a pile of ground yard is put on the bamboo quality set up in the sitting room along the wall bookshelf. I think sometimes they are exactly like one
Scholars who writes plain long gown, stand quietly for a long time, silence has no language. I touch and the bookshelf because of carelessness sometimes,
That old bamboo pole was sent out "  Creakily creakily " , seem to be reminding people: There are poems here.

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