hold computer go out of door

  Looking up at 11 layers, it is dizzy that Ge does not build feeling for a moment, the residents committee phones parents on the first floor: "Parents, I want to move to live in. " Leaving home this time, he has only done the brief explanation: "People and I cohabit. " Father: "Is it a woman? " Ge does not build and say: "Yes. " Parents' response is extremely strong, express support for 500 yuan.    
    He has been an orphan's bitter image all the time in parents' eyes, hear the plan that is moved home, father says: "What's happened, if is a question of the money on the issue that equal to not having, our family is full of money, give you 500 again? " Ge does not build hanging up.    
    Open the room on the 11th floor, the steel tube on the wall rings in a period of time, lie down simply on the inner room bed in week. Ge does not build and look for the good clothes quickly, has had the computer socket pulled out and come down, as he takes the computer in one's arms, open an eye simply in week, ask: "Will you go? " Ge does not build and say: "Yes. " Have stretched a lazy waist on the bed simply in week, say: "Layman. " Stand up and go to sleep again.    
    Ge build, hold computer go out of door, hold computer come back again, sit by the bed. Have opened an eye simply again in week, ask: "Why did you come back again? " Ge does not build saying angrily moaning: "I am not a layman. " Then explained the thing which he and Shen Xing spent out.    
    Two simple rounds are heard opening in week, crossed legs and sat, roared: "Beat it. " Ge does not build and put down the computer, say hurt and wrongedly: "Why you can be good with others, am I not all right? " Too simple to find out the vocabulary of refuting for the moment in week, have separated saying a moment later: "The manners and morals of the time have already changed, has required tighter to the man now. " Ge does not build: "When to change? " So simple as to think in week, say: "The 1990s last century. "    
    Depressed that Ge does not build falling into, comfort him simply instead in week: "Let it be, you do not feel guilty very much either. Otherwise let me invite you to eat the instant boiled mutton. " Ge does not build and nearly collapse, beg: "Don't mention the mutton to me again. " The simple elementary introduction of week: "Then do I ask you to drink? "    
    Ge will not build and take the money, has bought ten bottles of beer downstairs, after embracing upstairs, it is dead drunk to drink one with week simply. Run high lust after being simple and drunk week, then Ge build, treat coldly into several days finally with she getting kind one. It is balanced to feel the psychology as him slightly, but the buttocks swell and ache after thinking, bleb appears again.    

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